Servers which provide vanilla gameplay, how the game was intended to be played


Intoxicated ZA Vanilla 1 74/120

ZA Vanilla 1 was the very first server that was launched in 2014 while the Rust rewrite was still in an early stage of development. With an almost non-existant local Rust community in South Africa and a limited number of servers worldwide, this server quickly became home to a large community of players from all around the world.

The local Rust community has grown a great deal since then, these days the server is used almost exclusively by South African players and has more than 1500 active players every month.

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Servers which modify the game to make normal gameplay better, faster or easier


Intoxicated ZA Battle Royale 1/100

This is a Battlefield server with drivable cars, smart player spawning and kit items which don't drop when you die.

Start with most weapons and meds, 50x gather, fast smelting, instant crafting, extra components, extra loot, large stack sizes, pickup deployables, auth players on cupboards and turrets, remove tool, building sharing, reskin items, smart spawning, persistent inventory, persistent in-game map, live map, PM system, no night time, no fog, no cold, animals don't attack sleepers, smart decay and more.

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Servers which give you the tools and power to create things and experiment


Intoxicated Sandbox (5 servers)

Try out new building designs, see how well your build stands up to being raided, or build an arena and invite players to PVP with you. You can also submit your own builds and stand a chance of having them used in future Battle Royale games.

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Game Modes

Custom game modes which provide their own rules and unique gameplay experience


Intoxicated Battle Royale (2 servers)

You spawn on the edge of the initial playable area with a torch, bandage and map at sunrise. Find loot as you make your way to the center of the map. The radiation moves closer to the center over time. Games with only a few players will last about 10 minutes whereas one with many will last about 17 minutes.

You can spectate while waiting for the next game. Custom buildings which are used are created by members of the community. You can create and submit your own builds from any Intoxicated Sandbox server.

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