Admins Are Not Players

Not only do admins never play on the servers, but there is also absolutely no in-game admin influence when it comes to gameplay.

Custom Exploit Fixes

Major exploits and game breaking bugs are patched long before the game developers can release an official update to address the issue.

Netcode Optimizations

Bandwidth usage is reduced which minimizes issues for players with limited internet speeds, especially on higher population servers.

No Unfair Advantages

There is no pay to win bullshit. Players are treated without any bias and will never receive any kind of advantage for any reason.

Tailored Services

All parts of our services have been designed and developed from the ground up and are tailored to the ever changing needs of the community.

Minimal Downtime

Our hosting platform ensures that all game servers are always up and running smoothly. Deploying updates takes only a few seconds.

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Vanilla servers

Servers which provide vanilla gameplay, how the game was intended to be played

If you have never heard of a vanilla server before, vanilla (adjective) means "having no special or extra features; ordinary or standard". All servers found in the Official and Community lists of the Rust server browser are vanilla and have no changes to gameplay. This allows players to experience the game in the way that it was intended to be played.

Changes on these servers are limited to convenience commands, administration tools, custom anti-cheat measures, optimizations to the netcode to reduce bandwidth usage, and fixes for major exploits before official hotfixes get released.

Different vanilla servers cater to different players needs. You should be able to find a suitable server no matter what population, map size or wipe cycle you are looking for. There is also a barren server for players who have low end hardware.

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Modded Servers

Servers which modify the game to make normal gameplay better, faster or easier

Modded servers modify standard gameplay to make things better, or faster and easier for players to progress. These servers are ideal for players who do not have enough time to invest on vanilla servers but want to experience normal gameplay.

Lightly modded servers have features which add to the vanilla experience, improving various parts of the game and making gameplay slightly faster and more convenient for players. These servers have no features which are exploitable, game breaking or that take away from the near-vanilla experience.

Heavily modded servers are over the top, where everything is insanely fast and easy for players, requiring very little time investment. These servers are extreme with high gather rates, instant crafting, huge stack sizes, and many other features.

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Creative Servers

Servers which give you the tools and power to create things and experiment

Sandbox was one of the very first mods that was created for Rust back in 2014. At the time, the Rust rewrite was still in an early stage of development and the modding scene was non-existent. It has come a really long way since then and is now a full scale creative game mode which provides players with a huge number of features to be able to experiment with building and all other elements of the game. It also has systems in place which prevent abuse, allow players to protect themselves against all kinds of griefing, and automatically clean up things which are owned by inactive players.

Helicopter Training is a creative game mode which allows players to practise fighting the helicopter to prepare for taking it down on normal servers. Players are given unlimited resources and time to prepare before initiating combat. You can try it out solo, or team up with other players.

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Game Mode Servers

Custom game modes which provide their own rules and unique gameplay experience

Unique game modes which have been developed to allow you to focus on specific aspects of the game.

Battle Royale is an intense looter shooter where you get only one life and need to become the sole survivor to win the game.

Siege is a last team standing elimination game mode which condenses normal Rust gameplay into a short period of time. Experience intense battles while building, defending and raiding other teams.

GunGame is a race to get the most kills using different weapons in dynamically sized procedurally generated arenas.

Deathmatch is a fast paced shooter where you can practise your gun-play in dynamically sized arenas which are built around rad towns and dungeons.

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