Last wiped14 Nov - over 4 years ago
Current mapSize 3650 / Seed 71238651
Last restartover 4 years ago

Intoxicated EU Sandbox 2 - Staging

Try out new building designs, see how well your build stands up to being raided, or build an arena and invite players to PVP with you. You can also submit your own builds and stand a chance of having them used in future Battle Royale games.

Creative Server

Creative servers give players the tools and freedom to experiment with building and all other elements of the game. They have systems in place which prevent abuse, allow players to protect themselves against all kinds of griefing, and automatically clean up things which are owned by inactive players.

Procedural Map

The map is procedurally generated using one of billions of possible seeds for the chosen map size. A new seed is chosen every time the map is wiped which gives players a new unique experience.